Soal dan Jawaban Kuis Homestead Party Undawn Lengkap

Setiap minggunya, Undawn mengadirkan ragam misi yang disebut Weekly. Salah satu daftar dari misi-misi tersebut adalah Homestead Party.

Tak jauh berbeda dari misi Weekly lainnya, Homestead Party hanya bisa dilakukan oleh tim yang terdiri dari 4 pemain. Bisa dengan member camp ataupun di luar camp.

Singkatnya, di Homestead Party kita hanya perlu menjawab soal-soal yang diberikan. Namun, banyak pemain yang kesulitan menjawab soal-soal tersebut.

Oleh karena itu, di artikel ini akan mengulas semua soal dan jawaban kuis Homestead Party Undawn secara lengkap. Mari simak!

Soal dan Jawaban Kuis Homestead Party Undawn

Cara Memulai Homestead Party Undawn

Sebelum lanjut, mungkin ada di antara kamu yang belum tahu cara menyelesaikan misi Homestead Party. Entah karena player baru atau belum pernah Pesta Homestead sama sekali.

Oh iya, hadiah utama Homestead Party adalah Silver. Untuk mendapatkannya, kalian harus mencapai Atmosfir Pesta sempurna (100 poin).

Setiap minggunya ada 4 reward yang bisa didapat. Masing-masing pemain punya 3 kali kesempatan menyelengarakan party.

Jadi, kalau dalam 1 tim ada 4 pemain, berarti total 12 kali kesempatan untuk mendapatkan 4 reward Silver tersebut.

Berikut cara memulai Homestead Party di Undawn:

  • Pertama letakkan meja pesta di Homestead kalian
  • Meja bisa didapat dari menyelesaikan misi “Undangan Homestead” di bawah pohon Raven Shelter
  • Jika sudah, buat tim atau skuad terdiri dari 4 pemain
  • Selanjutnya mendekat ke meja pesta
  • Pilih opsi “Mulai Pesta”
  • Kemudian pilih jenis pesta, seperti Ice Tea Party atau Cookie Party
  • Setelah itu, klik “Lihat Material” untuk membeli makanan dan minuman
  • Sesuaikan dengan yang tertera pada “Biaya Aktivasi”
  • Terakhir, klik Aktifkan untuk memulai pesta

Sampai tahap ini cara memulai Homestead Party di Undawn sudah selesai. Selanjutnya tinggal jawab soal-soal yang diberikan dengan kerjasama antar tim.

Soal dan Jawaban Kuis Homestead Party Undawn

Hampir semua soal di Homestead Party berhubungan dengan cerita di Undawn. Namun, ada juga soal seputar tips & trick bertahan hidup di alam liar.

Berikut beberapa soal dan jawaban kuis Homestead Party Undawn:

Since the disaster, how should you purify dirty water so you can drink it?

Ultraviolet disinfection
A Charcoal filter
A home water purifier

What should you prioritize when packing to survive in the wilderness?

Sealed containers
Cutting tools
A firestarter

Which of the following characters is a member of the Raven Squad?


Which of these weapons are exclusive heavy weapons?

M32 Greande Launcher
B39 Biotic Rifle
M134 Heavy Machine Gun
M82 Heavy Sniper Rifle

How might one locate a source of water in the wilderness?

Find low-lying terrain
Look at any animal prints
Look at how the plants are growing
Follow the sound of frogs croaking

What should you do to escape a forest fire while surviving out in the wilderness?

Go to the middle of an open area
Run somewhere with very little vegetation
Run downriver
Cover your head with a damp blanket

How do you avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes in the wilderness?

Tie up your pants legs
Wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants
Crushed vitamin B1
Stay away from streams

Which of the following animals is a feline?


Which of the following are the names of types of climate in the world?

Temperate zone
Polar climate

Which of these events may only be done solo?

Limited Time Goodies
Hold The Line
Our Regular Supplier
Request for Supplies

Which of these roles may be upgrade using resources proficiency?


Which of the following are necessary for the formation of a waterfall?

A river suddenly meeting a cliff
It flows all year round
A big difference in water flow
A river has a lot of flowing water

How do you deal with food poisoning while surviving out in the wilderness?

Drink plenty of water
Induce vomitting to clear your system
Keep food samples

How do you treat a venomous snake bite in the wilderness?

Make a cross-shaped cut
Bandage the affected limb
Clean the wound
Lower the temperature of the infected area

Which of the following food sources are the least likely to be poisonous when foraging in the wilderness?

Wild chestnuts and peaches
Fruit eaten by land animals

How do you know if a sandstorm is coming?

Intense dark winds
Sand covers the sky
It’s like a wall of sand

Which types of these mushrooms are edible?

Matsutake mushrooms
Pine mushrooms
Porcini mushrooms
Amanita mushrooms

Which are the hazards caused by acid rain?

Health risks
River acidification
Soil acidification
Corroded buildings

Which are not hazards caused by drought?

Oil production
Freezing cold
Big winds
Improved ecology

What should you do if you fall into quicksand?

Avoid making big movements
Get rid of anything heavy
Relax your entire body
Try to lie flat

Which of the following precede a volcanic eruption?

Strange animal behavior
An abnormal increase in gas
It gives off a low rumbling sound
Melting snow

What do you do if your tent catches fire?

Throw water on the fire from all sides
Take away anyting flammable
Put down the tent poles
Put out the fire with sleeping bag

Which of the following talents are classed a throwing skills?

Foam bomb
Decoy bomb
Hand grenade
Smoke grenade

Snow blindness is common when climbing tall mountains. How should you treat yourself?

Wear snow goggles
Take some painkillers
Avoid rubbing your eyes
Use antibiotic eye drops

How do you orientate yourself in the wilderness?

By the location of the sun
By direction-showing plants
By the way the trees are growing
By the location of the north star

Which of these seeds can be purchased from the Homestead shop?

Rose seed
Pineapple seed
Romaine lettuce seed
White mushroom spores
Matsutake mushroom spores
Orchid seeds
Lettuce seeds

How do you treat a sprain in the wilderness?

Stay calm
Elevate the leg
Have someone support you while walking
Cover the affected area with a cold wet cloth

Which of these are types of fruit with stones in them?

Mountain plum

Which of these events can players battle each other?

Camp Competition
Aeronautical Base
Raven Invitational

Which of the following are characteristics of a temperature marine climate?

Regular rainfall
Warm in the winter and cool in the summber
Westerly winds are prevalent throughtout the year
It rains more in the winter

To survive, what should you pay attention to when it comes to your food and water?

Grill your food
Avoid eating unknown plants
Stay hydrated
Don’t eat stingers

Which places to avoid when building a tent?

Under a cliff
Next to beehive
Next to flowing river
Next to wild animals

By chance, you come across the following items. Which will help you survive againts the zombies?

Water puriffier

Which of these are necessary preconditions for thunderstorms?

The terrain
The microphysical processes in the clouds
Sufficient moisture
Strong updraft

What should you refrain from doing when starting a fire in the forest?

Start fire in a big wind
Leave flammable materials next to the bonfire
Leave flammable materials around
Leave the fire unattended

Which wild plants can be eaten to help you survive in the wilderness?

Eagle fern
Shepherd's Purse

Which is the correct thing to do during a thunderstorm?

Don't carry an iron rod in your hand
Avoid tall metallic structures
Throw away any umbrellas with iron handles
Go back indoors

When you're trying to survive in the wilderness, which of the following actions is likely to be dangerous?

Risky climbing
Eating a raw frog
Driving into water
Entering a deep cave

How do you save yourself if you accidentally fall into a swamp?

Move with the help of tree roots
Move slowly backward using backstroke
Spread out your body weight
Minimize your movements

Which of the following creates a tropical rainforest climate?

Low equatorial pressure all year-round
Lower terrain
Being located in the tropics
Solar radiation

How do you increase your chances of surviving in rapids?

Pay attention to the surface of the water from afar
Float on your back with your legs forward
Protect yourself againts floating wood and rocks
Dive to escape the whirlpool

While surviving the apocalyptic wasteland, what are the easiest ways to get yourself killed?

Not treating small wounds
Staying out of the shadows during the day
Getting lost
Not lighting a fire at night

How do you light a fire outdoors?

Convex lens under the sun
Bowstrings drilled through wood
Use a lighter stone
A typical Iroquois fire lighting technique

Meskipun semua soal dalam bahasa Inggris, kalian tinggal sesuaikan jawabannya karena tidak jauh berbeda. Atau cari tim yang pengaturan di dalam game bahasa Inggris.

Untuk jawaban yang bertanda tanya (??), admin belum menemukan jawaban yang benar. Kalau kalian tahu, tolong tulis di kolom komentar, ya!

Akhir Kata

Meskipun semua soal di Homestead Party diulang-ulang, terkadang kita bingung memilih jawaban yang benar. Sehingga, tak ada salahnya melihat “contekan” agar benar semua.

Demikian ulasan lengkap tentang soal dan jawaban kuis Homestead Party Undawn. Semoga bisa memudahkan kamu dalam menyelesaikan misi Weekly ini.