In English We Say.. In Poetry We Say, Here’s The Compilation

In English We Say.. In Poetry We Say,

There is account on Instagram that making videos about poetry. Her name is Whitney Hanson (@whiteneyhansonpoetry). I think she is really cool, so I decided to make some compilation about her poetry in this article.

Some people said that WORD is a language of the mind, and POETRY is the language of the soul. For me it’s true! Poetry always touched my soul in every condition.

In English We Say.. In Poetry We Say

Disclaimer, every poetry in this article belongs to @whiteneyhansonpoetry. I’m just a guy who loved the poetry or poem she made and want to put it on my website.

Here’s some compilation in english we say, in poetry we say by Whiteney Hanson:

I met someone

My heart collided with its other half today.

I think I’m falling

My fondest memories have grown jealous of the space you take up in my mind.

I’m in love

I cannot find a gap between where my soul ends and yours begins.

I don’t think it’s working

It pains me to know we had so much fight for fighting and yet so little fight for love.

It’s over

There is an empty room inside me that echoes your name.

Love will find me again

There’s always a love to save me from another, even if it’s just my own.

I miss you

Without you there is a hollow space inside me that will never be filled.

I still love you

I cannot find a way to untangle my heart from yours.

I’m sorry

I bleed for the pain I caused you as if your wounds were my own.

Can we fix this

How do I glue back together everything I broke.

I’m not sure this can be fixed

It only takes one hole to sink a ship.


I’ll keep you tucked away in my heart for the rest of my life.